This is the optimal system of marketing used by webmasters, bloggers, channel and page administrators on social networks and many others who can promote leading gambling brands with a high reputation.
- Arbitrators; - Media Buyers; - Internet marketers; - Administrators of groups, blogs or publics on social networks; - Presenters or owners of YouTube channels; - Website owners, webmasters.
- Linebet - licensed bookmaker.- Cross-platform system supports all types of devices.- The site works in 52 languages of the world.- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support in 12 languages.- More than 10,000 events daily in the Line and Live sections.- More than 70 game providers.- More than 65 payment systems.- A huge promotional base for advertising campaigns for every taste and color.- The possibility of ordering unique promotional materials according to your requirements.- Stable commission payments every week.
As a partner, you advertise with a unique referral link on your site, blog or social network. Through the link that you posted users of your site, blog or social network follow. They bet with Linebet company, and you earn up to 50% of the amount of their loss.
Yes, all you need to do is register in our partnership program and start advertising the site Linebet. There are no entry fees and requirements for a minimum number of players, deposits, etc.
Commission - for life! The player you brought in will bring you profit without restrictions on the limitation period of player registration; Personal support and training; A huge database of promotional materials in 52 languages; The number of players and maximum earnings are not limited;
On the main page enter - in the search bar. Click on the Register button. Fill in all the required data. Wait for the partnership account verification.
Generate a referral link of the partner in your account. Place ads on video hosting sites, websites, landings, social networks, blogs, forums. Track the results in your account in the Reports section.
Partnership link is one of the main tools for accounting of attracted players. With its help, you can track all the statistics on the players, namely:Number of click through ad; Number of registrations; Amount of new deposits; Each user who clicks on the partnership referral link becomes your player.
In the Marketing Tools menu, select the Partnership Links item. In the Company field, select the Linebet field if you attract players or the referral field if you attract partners. The Sub ID field is used if you generate links to different advertisements, sites, social networks in order to distinguish them from each other in reports. Click Generate Link - done.If you need help, write here!
It happens that there is nowhere to place the partnership link. For example, when you are engaged in the dubbing of series and films. In this situation, an individual promo code is perfect. All partners can attract new players using a promo the menu Marketing Tools select the item Promo Codes. Click Generate Promo Code. The player who enters it during registration will be attached to you, even if the player followed the link of another partner, as the promo code has a higher priority.If you need a promotional code with a personal name contact the manager!MANAGER
You have a partnership link ready, but you just can’t post it on the site. You need to prepare a beautiful banner in which the partnership link is inserted.To do this, go to the menu Marketing Tools; Select the item Promotional materials; Choose the banner or Gif picture you like from the list and place it on your site. If you have a YouTube channel and for advertising you need a preroll or branding of the site or any other format - contact the support service;
Statistics on registrations and deposits are updated every hour. In real time, statistics are only updated on views, clicks and direct transitions.
Different types of reports are presented for partner that he or she can use to control and analyze his activities. In particular, Brief summary report, Full report, Promotional materials report and Players report.
It gives us a general idea of statistics, a summary of the main performance indicators: impressions, clicks, registrations, CTR, number of deposits, income, commission amount, etc. for a specific date and a selected period of time.
Fill in the fields Site, you need to select the necessary one if you have several, Period, arbitrary or select a specific period of time and click on the button Generate report.
It gives you a detailed view of how effectively the traffic conversion of one or another web resource occurs.Here you get detailed statistics presented separately for each specified site.
You need to select a period and click Generate Report. This report can be exported in two formats, .xlsx and .csv, it includes 20 types of indicators.
Banner reports help your partner track the profitability of using banner ads. Promo type and Sub ID are added to the standard criteria for generating a report. This report can also be exported to .xlsx or .csv, it includes 22 indicators.
Players report are also represented in our partnership program - users who click on your links.
To form it you use standard steps.Additional fields are added here: player’s ID, country and advertising campaign, as well as check boxes Only new players and Only players without deposits. There are 13 indicators in this report, and it is available for download in the formats .xlsx and .csv.
The income is calculated separately for the day and is finalized on the morning of the next day. According to partnership program, you get a percentage from the profit of Linebet betting company, in other words, from the loss of the players you attracted. The formula for calculating the company’s income from a player: Amount of bets - amount of winnings - amount of bonuses.
Company income total x your percentage17492.63 x 0.35 = 6 122.42 amount of commission
Yes. Assumes earnings from the partners you have attracted and is called a sub-partner. These earnings are from 10% of your partner’s total income.
Traffic from search engines SEO is best converted. With a skillful approach, you can convert sports traffic well from social networks too. Buying traffic in plus is also realistic, but it all depends on its quality.
The income for the current day is visible only in statistics and is finalized on the morning of the next day from 4.30 to 5 UTC and goes to the balance. This is how they are credited to the account balance. Money in the referral program is credited instantly to your personal system account.
Before withdrawing funds from the Linebet partnership program, you need to determine which payment method you want to use for this. You are provided with the following methods: Player Account, Webmoney, Qiwi, Яндекс. Деньги, UnionPay, NETELLER, Skrill.IMPORTANT: Before receiving the first payment, write a letter to the mail of the partnership program support service and confirm your payment details.After confirmation from the support service, your payments will be made automatically every week.The minimum payout amount is 30 USD;Minimum number of active players is 6;A negative commission is carried over to a new period;
Let us dwell on it in more detail. It gives you an advantage over other wallets, because when paying a commission to a player’s account in the future, it will be possible to withdraw it in any way convenient for you on the Linebet website, even the one not presented above.In order to register a player’s account, go to in the upper right corner and click Register. This account must be completely new, it is forbidden to play with it, and it will be used only for commission payments.
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